Mondi celebrates First European Paper Bag Day

Mondi celebrates First European Paper Bag Day

For Mondi, 18 October 2018 is all about paper bags: On this first ever European Paper Bag Day, the global packaging and paper producer is celebrating paper bags as the sustainable and efficient packaging solution for today and the future by launching a comprehensive social media campaign across Europe.

The star of the campaign is an oversized paper bag, which surrounds a 6-metre high pine tree in front of a shopping centre in Vienna to illustrate how we can protect the world’s natural sources by choosing the right packaging. The main campaign message is illustrated on the paper bag – a striking “CO2” logo with the “C” crossed out. With this giant artwork, Mondi aims to raise awareness, illustrate the sustainable advantages of paper bags, and encourage consumers to act responsibly in their packaging choices. With the hashtags #EuropeanPaperBagDay and #EPBG, the public can join in the campaign.

Mondi has also created a video, which will be published on various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube on 18 October. The video shows how passers-by react to the large-scale installation and is linked to the campaign page, which provides facts about why paper bags help to mitigate climate change:

  • Paper bags are natural and renewable
  • Paper bags store carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Paper bags have a lower climate impact
  • Paper bags are reusable
  • Paper bags are recyclable
  • Paper bags are biodegradable
  • Paper bags help to reduce plastic waste

The annual action day and its key messages were initiated by “The Paper Bag” platform, a collaboration of Europe’s leading kraft paper manufacturers and paper bag producers, of which Mondi is a member. It is hoped that the event will highlight the advantages of paper bags and encourage consumers to combine their personal packaging choices with the right choice for the environment. Using paper bags is an expression of a modern, sustainable lifestyle and it helps to mitigate climate change and reduce plastic waste.

The campaign will be continued in 2019 to establish European Paper Bag Day as an annual event.

Fact box about paper bags:*

Paper bags are a high-strength natural packaging format. European-produced paper bags are made from renewable raw materials from sustainably managed European forest areas. Thanks to their long fibres, paper bags are a good source for recycling. On average, in Europe, these fibres are reused 3.5 times.** Moreover, they are biodegradable and decompose within two to five months. The strong fibres as well as the construction of the bags make them a very resilient shopping companion. Paper carrier bags can transport a wide range of products weighing up to 12 kg: from food, fashion, beauty and decorative items to electronics.


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