GSK supports GOLD committee’s efforts to further personalise COPD management

GSK supports GOLD committee’s efforts to further personalise COPD management

GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) welcomes the updated Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) Strategy which aims to better personalise chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) management and recognises the need for a range of treatment options to meet individual patient needs.

GSK studies such as the landmark InforMing the PAthway of COPD Treatment (IMPACT) have contributed to the evidence base GOLD has considered in support of the main treatment classes.

“We strongly believe in a personalised approach to COPD management to help ensure the right treatment for the right patient and have generated a wealth of data to support this,” said Professor Neil Barnes, Global Franchise Medical Head, GSK Respiratory. “We’re pleased to see GOLD recognise this with an approach based on individual treatable traits and look forward to working with doctors to help translate this into routine clinical practice. We remain committed to generating evidence that supports key therapies such as dual bronchodilators and triple therapy to enable use by appropriate patients.”

The GOLD Strategy provides an evidence-based approach to improve COPD diagnosis, management and prevention. GSK’s 10,355-patient IMPACT trial is the first study to directly compare three commonly-used COPD combination treatment classes all delivered once daily and in the same inhaler type. It is also the largest trial to date to provide prospective evidence on the use of blood eosinophil count (BEC) as a marker in informing COPD treatment decisions.

Recognising the evidence from IMPACT, along with other clinical studies, GOLD recommends bronchodilation as foundation therapy for symptomatic patients and triple therapy for patients who continue to struggle despite maintenance therapy. GOLD also now includes updated information on key clinical characteristics, like BEC, exacerbation severity and frequency, level of symptoms and other clinical characteristics, that physicians should consider when determining the most appropriate class of therapy for individual patients.

With the broadest range of once-daily treatments using a single inhaler platform, GSK is well positioned to meet the individual needs of COPD patients as outlined by GOLD and is committed to contributing further evidence in the future to deliver a more personalised and simplified approach to treatment across disease severity and patients’ needs.

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9 November 2018


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