New subscription-style insurance gives greater choice and flexibility

New subscription-style insurance gives greater choice and flexibility

Aviva is launching an industry-first subscription-style insurance product, designed to address consumer concerns with the industry and give UK customers more control.

AvivaPlus offers simple, flexible insurance cover, monthly payments with no APR, no charges to cancel or change and a renewal price guarantee for home and car insurance.

A key feature of AvivaPlus is the renewal price guarantee, which is aimed at addressing price differences between new and existing customers. The guarantee ensures existing customers are offered the same or an even better price than an equivalent new customer at their next renewal.

82% consumers view price disparity as one of the most unfair practices of the insurance industry.*

AvivaPlus will be rolled out over the next few weeks and will be available to new and existing UK customers who buy directly from Aviva, via, MyAviva, the online customer portal or contact centres.

"We recognise that consumers want the insurance industry to listen to them so we’ve worked with thousands of customers to understand how insurance could better meet their needs and provide the flexibility they want for their modern lives.

AvivaPlus is a reinvention of insurance, which has been developed and tested with customers’ needs at the centre, and it’s now starting to roll out alongside our existing products. Like subscription services, it’s designed to make it easy for customers to change their cover as often as they want without incurring charges.

Importantly, AvivaPlus addresses price disparity, regarded by an overwhelming majority (82%) of consumers as one of the most unfair practices of the insurance industry. With our renewal price guarantee, which ensures existing customers are offered the same or an even better price than an equivalent new customer, we’re creating a level playing field for new and existing customers." Aviva’s UK Insurance CEO, Andy Briggs

Initially, customers will be able to buy AvivaPlus home or car insurance, with three tiers of cover so customers can choose the level and price that suits their needs. The products have been simplified, and it is easier for customers to check their level of cover and switch between the tiers. Customers who buy home and car insurance together can benefit from a single renewal date as well as a multi-product discount.

"AvivaPlus is a significant milestone in our ongoing digital strategy which, through our commitment and investment in innovation, is making things more convenient, easier and quicker for our customers. It’s a continuation of our journey and it represents a step change in how we’ll offer products to our customers in future." Blair Turnbull, MD of Aviva UK Digital

The new product also features an easier customer journey, with the number of questions asked during the quote and claims processes cut and the language simplified to ensure that customers can claim and interact with Aviva quickly and easily.

Other key benefits include:

  • Renewal price guarantee**
  • Pay monthly with no interest
  • No fees to change or cancel policies
  • Simple quote journey with few questions
  • Three simple product tiers, which can be tailored to customer
  • Simplified language
  • Quick claims decision on electrical items under £2,000***

Blair Turnbull added: “This is just the beginning. AvivaPlus is leading the way to help rebuild consumer trust and confidence. Over time we plan to add other types of insurance to AvivaPlus, as well as more features and reward benefits.”

Read this infographic about the nation's insurance frustrations.

* Research conducted with 2,000 consumers for Aviva by Censuswide in October 2018.

** Based on a new like-for-like home or car quote, calculated the same day as your renewal invite. Excludes offers to existing Aviva customers.

*** Electrical items (such as mobiles, laptops) under £2,000. Single item, accidental damage claims only and max one claim in 24 hours.

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5 December 2018


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