Experian’s CrossCore Continues to Receive Global Recognition

Experian’s CrossCore Continues to Receive Global Recognition

In today’s fraud landscape, businesses need the right tools and solutions to better identify their customers and keep pace with risk management. Experian’s CrossCoreTM, which helps brands better manage fraud, received the Fraud Prevention Innovation award by CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards. In addition, CIR Magazine’s Risk Management Awards recognized Experian’s CrossCore and its partnership with Emailage as Cybersecurity Initiative of the Year.

“Fraud is always changing, and companies should have safeguards in place to help identify customers, mitigate risk and protect consumers without impacting their experience,” said Steve Pulley, executive vice president of Identity and Fraud at Experian. “Being able to seamlessly integrate advanced data and analytical capabilities into one platform plays a pivotal role in better identifying your customers, and as a result, more easily spotting fraud.”

CrossCore is the industry’s first open platform designed to identify and authenticate a person early in the customer journey in order to catch fraud faster, improve compliance, and enhance the customer experience. It gives companies an easier way to connect new or existing tools and systems in one place, and its “plug and play” capability allows companies to rapidly adapt to changing conditions and risk.

CyberSecurity Breakthrough is an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market. It honors excellence and innovation in a number of categories, including cloud security, threat detection, risk management, fraud prevention, mobile security, and more.

CIR Magazine’s Risk Management Awards recognizes those individuals, organizations and teams that have significantly added to the understanding and practice of risk management. Judged by an independent panel of experts for exceptional performance, the awards provide an opportunity for organizations and individuals to showcase their best products, projects and people. A key feature of the CrossCore platform is its ease of integration with third-party partner solutions. Emailage is a partner organization that provides an industry solution for checking information relating to email addresses that can be used for the purpose of identity verification and fraud detection/prevention. Together, Experian and Emailage have built an integrated service that provides risk assessment for clients, which they use in credit application processing as an identity and fraud check.

Learn more about CrossCore at http://www.experian.com/crosscore.

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January 23, 2019


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